Remagnetization during orocline formation. A Carboniferous tale from the Iberian peninsula

The Variscan mountain belt in Iberia defines a large “S” shape with the Cantabrian Orocline in the north and the Central Iberian curve, an alleged orocline belt of opposite curvature, to the south. The Cantabrian Orocline is kinematically well …

Cantabrian Zone

During my PhD Thesis I perfomed lots of fieldwork in the Cantabrian Zone, Several papers came out after these field seasons

Iberian Range

We performed a field trip to the Iberian range to evaluate the tectonic history from Devonian to now. Mark Diederen made an excellent B.Sc. thesis out of it that resulted in a paper in Tectonics

SW Iberia

October 2018, Bruno and me sampled many different Devonian and Carboniferous volcanic rocks in SW Iberia

New kinematic constraints on the Ibero-Armorican orocline: a paleomagnetic study from the Peñalba syncline and the Truchas Synform, NW Spain

The Cantabrian orocline is a large structure that bends the Variscan orogen of Western Europe in NW Iberia. The extensively studied kinematics of its core, the foreland of the orogen, indicates that the structure is secondary, i.e. acquired after the …