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2022-2023 GeoTdF

The idea for blogs of the Geology of the Tour de France was born out of combining two passions: geology and cycling. Geoscientists tend to love the outdoors, and are a talkative bunch who can’t stop explaining about their rocks, fossils, landscapes, and natural processes, and the field expeditions they undertook. At some point I realized that viewers of live coverages of cycling races like the Tour de France watch hours and hours of geological excursions. Surely, we couldn’t let the opportunity pass to geo-monologue! And these races are covered by commentators that explain just about everything that passes the camera. All we had to do is help the commentators to explain a few things about the landscape and underlying hidden treasures. As it turns out, there are quite a few geoscientists who love cycling and watching the race, and quite a few cyclists with a keen interest in the environment. GeoTdF was born. This web page is dedicated to the Geology of the Tour de France. But on the Twitter account @geotdf, we can’t help ourselves and tweet about the geology of just about every race where we find something to tell you. So if you want your regular geo-fun fact, follow us, and drop your questions should you have any! We hope you enjoy, and we’ll see you on the road!

2017-2018 JSPS Science Dialogue

The program offers JSPS Overseas Fellows the unique opportunities to volunteer to give lectures in English on their research work at Japanese high schools in the vicinity of their host institutes. The aim of the lectures is to stimulate the young students’ interest in research and deepen their understanding from a global point of view through interacting with Fellows. As for the Fellows, the participation in the program will be an enjoyable opportunity to communicate with the local community and strengthen their ties with Japan. By the way, I was the announcement photograph in the 2018 call. Screenshot

2016 Somos científicos, ¡sácanos de aquí!

Spanish version of the previous

2015  I’m a Geoscientist, Get me out of here!

A free online event where school students get to meet and interact with geoscientists. It’s a free game-show-style competition between geoscientists, where the students are the judges.Students challenge the geoscientists over fast-paced online test-based liveCHATs. They ASK the geoscientists all the questions they want, and VOTE for their favourite scientist to win €500 to communicate their work with the public.


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Daniel Pastor-Galán
Daniel Pastor-Galán
Assistant Professor (助教) of Tectonics

My research interests include plate tectonics, paleogeogrphy and geodynamics