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(2019). Tangled up in folds: tectonic significance of superimposed folding at the core of the Central Iberian curve (West Iberia). International Geology Review, 61:2, 240-255.


(2018). Late Paleozoic Iberian Orocline(s) and the Missing Shortening in the Core of Pangea. Paleomagnetism From the Iberian Range. Tectonics, 37, 3877–3892.


(2018). Quantifying Arabia–Eurasia convergence accommodated in the Greater Caucasus by paleomagnetic reconstruction. EPSL, 482, 454-469.


In april 2019, I was awarded the Tectonics and Structural Geology Division Early Career Scientist Award from the European Geosciences …

Grants and awards won

October 2018, Bruno and me sampled many different Devonian and Carboniferous volcanic rocks in SW Iberia

During Summer of 2018 I performed several short-term field-trips to sample different areas of South Kitakami belt, Japan with different …

During Summer of 2017 I performed two field-trips to sample in Tokoro and Nemuro belts, E Hokkaido



Bart Ursem

2014-2015 B.Sc. student, Utrecht University

Bruno Leite Mendes

2018-2019 M.Sc. student, Utrecht University

Daniël Brouwer

2014-2015 M.Sc. student, Utrecht University

Mark Diederenr

2015 B.Sc. student, Utrecht University

Oscar Groenhof

2013-2014 M.Sc. student, Utrecht University

Tan Furukawa (古川旦)

2018-2019 B.Sc. student, Tohoku University

Thomas Groenewegen

2013-2014 M.Sc. student, Utrecht University

Web Projects is an online application designed for the interpretation and statistical evaluation of Paleomagnetic data.

GPlates repository

This is my GPlates repository. Here I post my always right rotation files, poligons and paleogepgraphy files ready to use andmodify (especially modify).